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the pigeons in Italy

Beverly Hills seemed like a safe place to roam. Now they've got unsolved murders to worry about with the recent killing of publicist Ronni Chasen. Some reporters have term the grizzly murder a slaying. One thing is certain. The authorities aren't going to be searching for gang relevancy in this serious act of violence.

One wonders whether road rage may have taken a part in the incident. I don't believe a suspect would be so hard on finding if it was. Unplanned murder usually leaves discriminating evidence. At least it would seem so by all the violence depicted in TV shows.

I've since taken a new interest in the movie the tourist. Filmed in Italy, it seems, the on location footage alone would be worth the ticket sale. What is to become, I wonder, of the celebrities who benefited from the expertise of the late Ronni Chasen? I mean, will the films she had a part in developing become Hollywood hex flicks? I wonder.

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