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I couldn't find a better term to convey easy

A step backward kind of gave the luggage an obscene effect (as in shooting one's load), but all I was trying to depict is the evolutionary concept of stages from primate to cromagnum man, etc. However, the difference being that "change" is not as simple as asking for handouts or altering government policy.

There are some radical views out there, and as I'm awaken be talk radio every morning, I occasionally capture something interesting like cavity searches in airport passenger screenings. WTF? I don't think so. But when it comes to convenience, just how far are travelers willing to go for quick transport? Call me old fashion, but I don't even enjoy the pat downs when I go to concerts.

Would I be more susceptible to it if the person feeling me up was a sexy brunette? Yeah. I always got a kick out of getting haircuts because the hairdressers were mainly female and attractive, and the suave touch of delicate hands on my scalp felt like a massage.

Evil-lution is a word I came up with to ask ourselves where is this country going? Restrictions at k thru 12 schools teach children to dress conservatively, yet airports take that privacy away. If we love so much sending jobs overseas, why not take the extra step and stock up on fashion from china so we can all have a dress code. Then, when we become so easy and overpopulate, we can say tha pat downs at airports was probably a bad idea.

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