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      I don't really know what I have gotten myself into asking for inclusion to a web ring hi-liting the doodler. Like I have time to doodle once or twice a week… YEHESSSS. Anyway, I look at it as work, and work is work. I mean, I'm not partying when I'm coming up with concoction like these. Heh-heh. Listen to me. What I would be doing if I wasn't doodling is probably researching ways of concocting an oil extract from a potted plant I have successfully revived from uncertain death. Maidenhair Ferns are delicate like a mother…
Anyway, since I'm not doing that, I'm going to try to figure out how to fix my extra css overrides to adjust the amount of space places at the end of a photo which is blogged to my lj account. But sadly, I'm returning all my books on xml as I'm hooked once again to Oskar Schindler: the untold account of his life, wartime activities, and the true story behind THE LIST. I actrually got through the first four chapters by forcing myself to read determined to find some links between Schindler and cement.
      It is my pet peeve to convince myself that some of the cemented shopping centers in L.A. may have been achieved with cement from Oskar Schindler's company. Even though Schindler died in 1974, I believe that's still enough time to have built a shopping center or two with his name behind the concrete. Some people drink and smoke, I have a memory like an elephant.

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