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Sprint sucks. I'm convinced

You know, I really like my iPod touch. I find myself typing on the thing all the time. If that's what an iPhone feels like, I can see myself saving up for one. My current cell phone company is with Sprint. I called them Wednesday to dispute typical 3rd party charges and their customer service was very stinky. I spoke to Sonja. Honestly, I always seem to get the same vibe when I'm dealing with a person who has one of those thick hip-hop, gansta rap accents. By now I should know already what kind of satisfaction I will be getting with a customer service rep like that and should just hang up the phone and try again.

I was "educated" on how to cancel those 3rd party subscriptions online. I was told that next time the charge would NOT be waived. Even though I explained that I don't have Internet access at home, I was instructed to do it on my phone, data charges be damned.

I've been with Sprint about 7 years. I've never experienced this attitude, and I was seriously considering starting a data plan just as soon as my upgrade benefits kicked in. But that would mean going with the Evol phone, whatever it's called. I didn't want that but was something I would've overlooked.

I don't like AT&T so unless Verizon comes out with an iPhone, I'll never, ever pay a cell phone company for data.

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