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      I'll give you three guesses who the blond lady in the foreground is with the finger at her cheek. I'm not an authority, but I think that's Nastassja Kinski. I'm impelled to believe it's her because some involvement her with Timothy Dalton. As for how old the picture is, if it really is her, it's hard to say. The update info on TD's site indicates May 1st as the recent changes taking place. A quick search on what it is Dalton may be working on for future film releases didn't show up anything NK seems to have a part in, except the photo with her possible middle finger directed at the paparazzi
      Because I don't seem to find anything new in the works by Nastassja, I am kind of drawing a blank as to how I'm going to spend my time in theaters and TV. Since her last appearance, I was fortunate enought to find a replacement in CK for awhile. Now I guess I'll be watching Audrey Tautou as I expect she'll be showered with offers after May 19ths release of Da Vinci Code
      But now my little finger has gone to sleep and I'm having difficulty finding the dot (.) key, "p" key, etc. on my kbd. Be sure to find time to read up on the Kinski end trail at WFMU
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