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…the be?

I live for bees. Now, I`m not some kind of sadist who enjoys being poisoned by insects (as far as I`m concerned, the penetration of a vaccine needle is about all the S&M I can take). My heart goes out to old, tired bees that are occasionally spotted out of place on the pavement struggling to walk, move (or whatever they do.) I`ve seen nature shows that actually proclaim that bees walking in circular motions, as though chasing it`s own tail, are actually gathering their bearings so as to return to their beehive.

I use to think bees struggling on their backs trying to lift themselves upright were at the point of dying either from already having used their stinger, or of old age. Bees like that still have some kick in them when I lift them up. Their every step is like PIM on my hand. What a difference from having a fly, ugh, land and walk, lick across my arm. True, having a bee on my finger does concern me; whether or not i`ll get stung, but how bad can one sting be?

Didn`t you watch that episode on King of the hill in which one of the neighbor characters actually starts a bee colony for their medicinal effects upon getting stung?

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