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Dirty dancing

Well, I can't really say I didn't see this coming. After high school, I would watch reruns of the film Dirty dancing while I fantasizes about my xgf. I was so swept by her. When she finally had enough of my BS, she sweetly let me down easy. Except for the two size difference in boobs, Baby's personality, and looks, were my ideal partner in life.

I didn't know Jennifer would end up on a blacklist for crappy movies, and depression set in when she had the nose job. But now I am watching Dancing with the stars and I find myself wanting to vote for her. She outgrew that charm I was hypnotized by in Dirty, but I still am totally blinded by her.

I guess it's a good thing that I just tuned in to the dancing show this week for rock week, but dancing the tango to Van Halen was ridiculous. Plus incorporating air guitar moves in the middle of a tangle-nonsense. Assassination tangle takes on new meaning with these blunders, but how they managed to outscore Jennifer Grey is beyond me.

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