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photo.jpgMy sketchbook doesn't work. My heart isn't in it anymore. It may have to do with the ink I'm using. I have a bottle of Pelikan ink and it takes quite well to the paper. In fact, the bottle of brown Pelikan ink really stands out from the black graphics that I doodle on it. But today I used a different ink for the graphics. I used Higgins black and this ink bleeds on the paper when it dries. I don't know why the the Pelikan 4001 ink doesn't behave this way on the same paper, but it doesn't. Crap! I really thought this imagery I tried to visualize would've really captured some attention had I devoted more time to it. Now I'm thinking that I will simply use pencil for the graphics. It seems logical to use graphite, lead or charcoal because the sketch pad does indicate that it's cheap Office Depot quality stock. Mead. Fuck me. I'll never buy this shit again. I can't wait until I finish it. Sixty sheets to go.

Caption credit: klaproth_1
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