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Bat girls

Hitting home runs never was my expertise; neither figuratively or literally. So, when I get the lowdown that girls love bats too, what exactly constitutes a base hit? Growing up, I was aware of the analogies that "at bat" had for the dating circuit--a base hit fell under holding hands and/or even a kiss, second base might've been caressing and feeling one another up, third base would be short of actual intercourse which I assumed implied nudity, feeling, tasting and anything else I might've missed (dry humping)--so this interpretation of the birds and the bees always seemed to apply to male perspective only. If girls rely on the bat for post dating relationships as seen on The good wife, then there must be rules and guidelines for its use as well.

From the Los Angeles Times:

'The Good Wife' recap: Baseball bats and ball gowns

On Tuesday night, "The Good Wife" revived one of its favorite themes: The ways in which being a woman can be a benefit, as well as a hindrance, in the workplace. Mamie Gummer returned as Nancy Crozier, the cunning, wide-eyed. . .

The full story can be viewed at:

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