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Reading the pix & looking at the words

I had a job before i found this one with the city. It was one of those temp jobs provided by a placement agency. For a short time i was at Mitsubishi Bank. The desk i was assigned to had a broken typewriter. I cant remember but i think it was a faulty letter "L". So i decided to bring in my portable manual typewriter.

Aside from the odd looks i would get from the co-workers, this was a memorable experience because i would lug that Royal typewriter on the bus to work everyday. I wasnt about to drive to downtown and pay those ridiculous parking fees. It would consume a major part of my paycheck, plus, i wasnt going to leave my faithful Royal Quiet Deluxe typewriter in the offices of a skyrise building i had only started working in just a few days ago.

I love my typewriter. And considering all the headaches my Mac has caused me, i love it more than my computer. It's an awkward keyboard. It slows me down when i need an apostrophe or an exclamation mark, or anything that falls on the button underneath my left pinky finger, but you know what? I'm here at work typing this entry with two fingers on a keypad the size of a business card. So...

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