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Ten.10.10 notes

It's officially begun, the crass permissibility that print journalism enabled by offering news stories to mobile device readers. On the plus side, I suppose it's a good thing that papercuts are a thing of the past. A papercut is one thing, but everyone knows that newsprint is one of the filthiest kinds of paper anybody would ever risk sustaining a papercut with, regardless of newsprint's degenerative texture. If it isn't one ailment, it's another. Yesterday's papercuts are today's laptop skin burns, desktop monitor eye damage and PDA finger amputation.

Why can't I copy and paste text using today's newsreaders? My fingers are useless, Bullies!

Remember those? They're still out there, but have taken a new form. No longer do bullies just steal lunch money and practice their machismo by plundering the weak. I'm surpised there hasn't been an entrepreneur to market a halloween costume called "the bully".

Jocks are the worst, and I felt LA Weekly's article about Chris Brymer's predicament described a tyrant to a cue. I'll admit, however, there was a time when I would only watch sports like football, boxing and NASCAR for the purpose of seeing major injuries being sustained--I like to think I've matured and moved on since then--Peter Jamison writes a good argument for the mysterious ailment CTE. I'm convinced that people like Judge Charles Haines are naive public figures anxious to stick it to the man as a way to avenge their own struggled climb to the top. After all, the longer one stays in school, the more bullies there are to steal one's lunch money. Recall the film Rollerball for a moment and tell me society hasn't reached a point of blood lust in their entertainment needs.

The funny thing is, I don't think I've ever seen that movie.

A lot of assumptions have been getting air time in the political arena. It began with a trend in Wicca, and now somebody claiming to be a witch is running for office. A witch is another way to describe a person who is a bitch without using foul language. I almost shit myself when I made the connection to the numerous times I referred to one of my employers as such, in library_mofo. A lot of people read that blog (especially librarians.) I'm not the only one who makes an effort to censor myself from using strong language when I compose these blog entries. After reading Shutter Island, I realized it was the strong language that kept my interest in the story. The movie, however, was a different story. It seems Martin Scorsese is making a statement in editing out such obscene language as the "N" word. And I don't mean to be senseless in saying that the "N" word is the only part of the book that held my interest. Rather, I feel that covering up how things really were can cause a serious communication problem. If bullies are depicted as being abusive to the extent of impeding the rights of a minority group, why would anybody cover that up? Boardwalk empire recreated a scene of the KKK in which law enforcement officers who raided a lodge meeting justified the invasion to the voice of protestation by responding that what caused the police to siege and arrest the grand cyclops was not the case that they'd gathered for a lodge meeting, but for being involved in stringing up "darkies". Darkies. I wish it weren't so, but after seeing how the film for Shutter Island was butchered either by the MPAA or Martin himself, I find it difficult to believe that such a term would've ever been used, to replace the "N" word, under the circumstances that accompany property invasion. The rise of adrenaline, combined with testosterone and whatever motivating factor police officers subjected themselves to to psyche themselves up for a siege, there is a certain poetic flow in language even if it is consists of cursing and profanity. How else do you think limericks survived all these years if it wasn't for the deeply emotional conviction to tell such a tale.

Blacklisting in Hollywood is not something to be taken lightly. Perhaps the Sony developers of MediaMax and XCP have a strong hold on the media that dictates how mocumentaries can be beneficial to conglomerates worldwide. I really don't know, but just as the changes we've seen taking place, all at the expense of technological advancements, blacklisting seems to be as real as the black plague. It's like a disease that evolves until the ultimate antidote is found. Yet, in the meantime, reading for research on topics of interest, or reading for pleasure for opinionated comments on current event in blogs, isn't so simple. When printing presses were invented and utilized to print vast amounts of reading material, the main obstacle was keeping from dozing off. Coffee solved that problem. When comic strips were invented, punctuation marks were used to describe profanity. Now, punctuation marks seem to wreak havoc with decimal readers. (i.e. binary computers) Instead of saying WTF?! a caption bubble in a cartoon would read as %#!@. Tell this to a computer programmer and you'll get a bigger laugh than R0FLOL.

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