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Bier de Stone

Happy Mother's Day Moms

(click for illustration      I attempted to slow down at work today and doodle on an OFFICIAL doodle sheet. I'm so bad at this comic strip thing. I get all bent out of shape when I think I have an anecdote and hastily upload stuff before it's ready. If I give myself time for decent borders, eye direction for the panels to read in sequence, I get the sense my concepts become too mechanical looking.
      This one was actually something I started to brainstorm for Looking back, the screenplay I'm working on. This was and wasn't intended to be a Mother's Day theme. I wasn't striving for funniness either. This' either my charm, a curse, or a result of ADD… I'm a capricorn rising.
      BTW, isn't there anyone in this bleak city I can fall in love with so I can lose a bit of weight? If memory serves me, it's the denial of a heart's desire that starves, and a broken heart that fattens one back up again. I seem to have tired of NK and CK fandom.
Tags: illustration, slavezombie

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