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Boomerang paper airplane

This step-by-step assembly guide should result in a paper airplane that returns to the point of take off; hence the crooked folds on the last figure drawing.

It's important to get the wing length accurate if you aren't using 8-1/2x11" paper. This airplane works great on good old fashioned pulp paper, as opposed to thermal paper; width, however, should be that of your local library receipts. It's around the Fig.15 stage that i'll take my scissors to the wings to cut them down to size, if i am using a long receipt. The ratio I attempt to achieve is that of a standard letter size sheet of paper--the wing should be roughly the size of the triangular portion of the front of the plane--between the pionted tip and the base of the triangular shape, which should be fractions of an inch smaller. Again, I can't emphesize enough the crease marks of the last figure drawing. Making these wing folds exactly the way they are shown creates the boomerang effect.

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