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My shifted week

Last week work was such a tribulation, I honestly couldn't imagine how this week could be any better. I didn't want my weekend to end. Even though I had a nice long 3-day weekend, what with furlough Mondays and all, I didn't really have the energy to do anything special. It was a restful weekend, but that wasn't enough to bring me back to the reality of starting another week. Because I'm not one to rack my brain over what I could possibly do during my free time that would rejuvenate me, I pretty much just scan the newspaper for interesting movies to watch.

Eh, I had to stop by the pet food store anyway. And because I'm lacking of reading material, I thought a book might be nice to pick up as well. Well, the book I wanted, I wanted to browse on the shelves of THE WRITER'S STORE. I had checked their hours to make sure they'd be open on Monday and whether I would have ample time to stop by after the movie. I checked the time and everything seemed to be falling into place, but when I got there, I discover that they moved their building to Burbank. You'd think that if a store like that completely relocated, then they'd include that information as the main message in their answering machine.

Hello. You've reached the writer's store. WE'VE MOVED! etc.

It's just as well, because I ended up placing an order thru work where I at least get 10%. I don't know why, but it's just more appealing to browse a store of choice and purchase something there even though I know how to get it at a small discount.

I went to see The town and I was surprised. It really was quite good. This movie is about a town famous for their bank robberies. According to the facts of the film, Charlestown is the number one city of towns which produce the most bank robbers.

I don't know if any of you Angelinos remember when there had been a blotched Bank of America robbery somewhere in the valley that had televised the demise of two full metal jacket suspects. This is the impression I got from watching The town. As if, for instance, somebody took it upon themselves to write a story about the two robbers and the result was The town. It's two minutes to midnight as I write this on my laptop. I'd say TGIF, but this is actually the middle of the week for me, Sunday being my only work-free day this week. I work Saturday and I work Monday. Sucks.

I got a free trial Netflix account. The first flick I ordered was Nadja. No regrets, but I don't think I'd be so hard pressed to recommend it to people. It's very artsy-fartsy, but if you're a movie enthusiast, you really should watch this movie if only to see Peter Fonda. I actually watched it to see Elina Löwensohn. I'm waiting for my next DVD from Netflix which is Chop Shop. I'd almost forgotten that it was a movie I'd plan on seeing, but Netflix's website reminded me when I browsed their Indy selections. This film is centered around Queens, NY. Queens, NY, intrigues me and I know so little about that city, I decided starting slow in my venture to fulfill my curiosity by watching movies filmed there would function well as a precursor before I go all out and start reading about it.

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