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I sent an anonymous note to via their customer service email form. I said "I work for the public library and I wish that the postman would make an effort not to use our book drop box for depositing our incoming mail." Trying to get some feedback from a co-worker, I explain what it was I did to Chuck. However, my views aren't as popular as i thought because the reply I got was that our building doesn't have a mail box where the mailman can insert our mail on days when we are closed. Mondays.

I know this isn't a big deal; I just remark think they should hold onto our mail until the following day when we are open. The whole point of going on line and searching for a feature to complain about their services is frankly, they aren't picking up our outgoing mail. This dropbox Shiite wouldn't be an issue for me if I could mail my bills via snail mail.

Not that it matters, but the book return box has a slight gap where letters can fall thru and be lost forever unless somebody checks that black hole. I'm not gonna do it.

In the old days, us workerbees were required to keep the restroom doors locked at all times and require people to request access to them. I started to lock the restrooms again to try and catch the ear of a passing mailman, as they frequent our location for pit stops like clockwork, but one of the regular patrons who uses the free Internet computers here had to weewee--in fact, he must have a bladder problem because he's in & out of the John every few minutes--and he exclaimed that I should leave the restrooms open.

I don't think I'll let this maildrop problem get the best of me anymore. There's a mail box at the very next corner where I can walk during my break and drop off my bills.

One of the characters I enjoy interacting with had typecast as being rude. He is an obvious young and inexperienced tween in the turmoil over the rude awakening of adulthood life. Here's a short dialog

ME: Hello. Check out?


Clerk proceeds to unluck security cases to the DVDs

TWEEN: (CONT'D) Hey, you know what should you do? Is next time, uh, the last time--

ME: I'm sorry?

TWEEN: When I open the disc, the back of the disc, it was… was somewhat dirty. And someone left it, left it with like a little food in it. So I cleaned it up with water and then it was good. It was good to play the movie. But next time, maybe you should check out the disc. The disc. The back of the disc.

ME: We don't have time to do that. We use to do that, but as a result… You know, I used to actually take the disc out of the box and inspect it for scratches and cracks. By the time I finished doing that, the line would back up and there wouldn't be enough time to return all the books which accumulate in the drop box. My boss told me not to inspect each and every DVD anymore. If you want us to start doing that because you don't want to be the one cleaning the discs, then you'll need to speak to the manager of this library.

TWEEN: The guy in the blue shirt?

ME: The guy in the blue shirt, yeah.
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