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Some days are better than others when it comes to interesting reads in the daily paper.

Cairo's chaotic call to prayer, Jeffrey Fleishman, LA Times, 9/2/10 §A
Vernon fattens some staff pensions, Sam Allen and Kim Christensen, "
Obama says mideast peace is in reach, Paul Richter and Christi Parsons "
Military families fault rules of war, David Zucchino, "
Three-strikes fraud prosecution is a rare case, Stuart Pfeifer, "

In an article by David Sarno, Dawn C. Chmielewski, published in the LA Times on 9/2/10, § B, titled Apple's 99¢ TV show menu limited, I found this quote.

Television producers, who spoke under condition of anonymity for fear of antagonizing a powerful distributor like Apple, say the new rental model would threaten the economics that underwrite the cost of creating expensive television shows. Some are concerned that giving consumers a cheap way to rent commercial-free episodes of a show such as CBS' CSI: Miami would undermine DVD sales because it would cost less than $24 to watch an entire season. The DVD set, by contrast, sells for more than $50.

Last time I checked the definition of contrast was always used as comparisons for such objects as black and white, good and evil, dog and cat. Here we see it used by comparing rentals and sales. One would think the contrast of rentals would be prison, and free would be the opposite for the the term sales. No wonder the quoted media executive required anonymity before releasing his/her statement. It gives the impression that consumers would be paying more at netflix by renting a DVD as opposed to paying $24. Scandalous would be the word to describe such an exec using the term consumer so loosely that, in this blurb, it is meant to include DVD rental store managers who might be inclined to invest in a $24 rental charge to burn their own DVD for their customers to watch? People tell me to stop reading between the lines, but I strongly believe that it is this very practice of reading into statements and written words that strengthens the backbone of cheating business partners. Take for instance the Jamie & Frank McCourt divorce trial and the issue of the ownership of the Dodgers baseball team.

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