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Fortune cookie

"Love comes singly and leaves accompanied"

As I was finishing up my lunch today, the strangest thought came to mind. I began to wonder how I would react if, upon reading the message in my fortune cookie, the fortune read that I'm "going to die soon". I almost scared myself from reading it. I placed it on the table and caught quick glances of it as I chewed on my crispy dessert. As it hapens, I placed it upside down and I had to read it backwards. I still don't know what it means. A person only falls in love once. After that, only a three-way will suffice? Maybe, as annamaryse would say in her 30 day meme entry "day 2", a person's most memorable love departs as a result of another lover. I like to think that love departs when a couple marries and raises a family, and though they decide to stay together for the kids, the love the both felt for one another disappears.

Like annamaryse, I fell in love in high school as a result of what Ana and I termed love at first sight. My story isn't as interesting as her blog entry with accompanying photo, but I'm working on it. Although I would always snatch my sister's 35mm camera away, I didn't know how to use it. The only thing I've uploaded are prom pix, which turned out boring. I look like Gumby and Ana could't seem to show her teeth. I don't remember if it was because she'd just gotten braces, or she was worried about me driving her home.

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