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I don't know what I'm looking at, but it sure is cute. I started out with an attempt to draw the WB frog picking up the rear of his work force as he transported them to a new Burbank location. I guess that's where I conceptualized the Native Americans. In the back of my head, I'm thinking Trail of Tears. Don't ask me why, I never studied in school and the Trail of Tears really doesn't have relevancy.

I brainstorm this stuff on newsprint paper. It sits against the wall forever until I take another peek at it without my glasses. Half asleep, I started to visualize an cityscape which is what the power plants kinda developed into. The work team being closely whipped into gear by the frog just didn't do the cartoon justice. I had originally drawn an Indian couple, a businessman, some pilgrims, and who knows what else.

The second approach at drawing a cityscape didn't work out too well either.

The ponies being ridden by the exhausted Indian warriors were originally part of the work force, but I gave them wings. They looked like they needed a Red Bull. I figured why not draw my backside in their for all to see me as I worked on my imaginary modeling team.The thought bubble is my attempt to make sense of the Ourobouros Cycle which I also invented as a 28-year cycle calendar which shows only dates of the first Saturday of the month. I won't begin to explain it because it doesn't make too much sense to me either. But I embrace it before I begin to try to understand how xml works in conjunction with Java.
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