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I'm tired of the songs on my iPod, but I too lazy to upload the rest of my collection

It's Friday 13. I had to say that because today I woke up at 3AM, just todo my laundry. Actually, I had paused from reading to take a ten minute snooze at 10PM when I suddenly awoke at 3. I made my way to the restroom groggily to brush my teeth because I habitually brush before bedtime. I knew subconsciously there was a gauntlet of gobblins before me. I knew this not because it was Friday 13, but because it was the witching hour. I had just realized today, at noon, that it was the 13.

But fear not darkness,
It's hidden light
And you will find it
Shining with Bright
Eternal return - DEGGIAL

I think I was possessed as I got into a scuffle with my cat this morning. This little tiff got me in a foul mood. I didn't want to work today, but slowly things got better. A patron requesting help in renewing his books had to relinquish them as another hold by a different person was pending on the book. the art of time in fiction: as long as it takes by Joan Silber 809.3 S5815 and dead end gene pool: a memoir by Wendy Borden 92 B9493

I thought both titles were interesting, the latter because it's an autobiography about a woman who works as an editor for a porn magazine. The former because, by the time the only copy owned by LAPL becomes available, I'll still be hacking away at my first screenplay desperately seeking assist and encouragement. You know how it takes a diehard reader to facilitate identifying good reads? while us slow readers have to wait for critics to tell us what to read? I wonder if Wendy Borden's book may be a late starter.

Finally, you probably have gotten some idea of what my iPod has available as i'm always listing song titles in my blog entries by the same bands. Until I get around to adding other stuff, here's a snippet of a song about my first love.

then she leaves with someone you don't know. But she made sure you saw her, she looks right at you and bolts, as she walks out the door, your blood boiling, your stomach in ropes.

And your friends say "what is it?..."

Sometime around midnight - AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT
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