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Aug. 11 AA edition

The heading read Riverside university mourns coach's death in fiery crash from the AA section "LATEXTRA" of the L.A. Times. Below that, the caption describing a photo of two California Baptist University affiliates in mournful embrace for Wendy Rice, the pictures adjacent to that, the grimly aftermath of Monday's collision off US HWY 395 at roughly 8:30PM, and a full face photo of the cheerleading coach.
In the story, it is explained that it had been believed that six people had perished in the auto accident according to officials, but that later, the death toll was lowered to only three. I grabbed copies of Tuesday's latextra edition but found nothing describing the catastrophe. Amanda Paige Post and Natalie Nield were the other two victims killed in the accident.

CHP officials are investigating the collision to determine what went wrong on the 4-lane HWY, where the speed limit is 65MPH.
it doesn't quite fit. It's a straight road, plainly marked, no unusual conditions, and this happens.
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