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Where's the beef, subway?


With only a half hour for lunch, and no wrist watch other than the clock feature on my cell phone, I stand in line at this little hole in the wall in Eagle Rock waiting for my turn to place a quick order for a bite. I tried to call in so that I could place the order by phone, but they told me they would only accept phone orders for four or more sandwiches. I made it back only five minutes over my alloted break time. Geez, if I had to clock in and out on a time clock, I would certainly be screwed. What a difference in food quality. Although we have Subways up the wazoo where I work, I never seem to have an appetite for lunch when I plan on a sub sandwich there. My appetite improves just by the essense of entering this mom & pop styled market and taking in a deep breath of the appetizing aura of cheeses and curing meats

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