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This British hit offers an offbeat look at dating and relationships thru the eyes of 3 ris

I was lucky when I stumbled onto this hour long pilot called Pulling. Quite frankly, it was the humping scene at the beginning of this short movie-like/extended sitcom. While I thought I had barely caught the ending of it, I quickly programmed my tivo to look up the next showing and record it from start to finish. Then I continued channel surfing.

There are no nude scenes to this program called Pulling, but there certainly is sexual content. The credits at the beginning name Sharon Horgan & Dennis Kelly as creators. What have we learned about dual credits separated by the ampersand as opposed to being separated by the word "and"? Dennis came up with the original idea and sold his script for further analysis and revision by Sharon. So, if you want to get technical about it, this Pulling feature began as a great idea for funny anecdotes that your average American male would enjoy, and ended up being retouched by a woman. Fortunately, while the plot does have chick-flick undertones, the humor on relationships still relates to both sexes.

The British accents are thick and it helps to watch this dramedy with subtitles. I personally watch this Sundance release over and over again because of the woman named Karen. Karen makes her appearance in the first few scenes described earlier, but she learns that her ex-boyfriend has cancer. Being a warm-hearted person, Karen visits her ex because he was shit-faced drunk, holding back the urge to puke as he spoke to her in the market. The odd thing is, which I'm sure had a major part in canceling any possibility that this pilot, program, sitcom, movie, or whatever it is this motion picture can be termed, might've had at any success in the box office, series, popularity, etc. is that the cancer Karen's ex describes to her is bowel cancer, but later near the end, this cancer that was referred to mysteriously becomes a benign mole.

Karen was the most attractive of the three women. Plus, her portrayal as a dominatrix makes her look ten years younger. Add to that the way she behaves when she's had a bit too much to drink, or the situations she gets herself into while under the influence of a controlled substance, and you too will find yourself programming your tivo to auto record everything Tanya Franks, the actress behind the role of Karen, has a part in too.

The other characters in the film are equally interesting. The ending scene, which I hate to give away, is one I think must be described. Two star-crossed lovers find themselves saying goodbye to one another for the last time. What's memorable in this scene is the way they don't want to part each other, yet don't want to admit it either. For one moment, forget that they might be thinking of their pride. When I look into their eyes, the way they stare at each other, I am reminded of how people love to remember the melancholy moments of their most cherished moments. In this scene, I feel as though they want it to be frozen in time indefinitely. Pulling is worth scouring the Internet for hours until a decent stream emerges.

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