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Is it possible to ban KFC from my diet forever? How hungry can I get?

A soiled fast food near where I live/work is the Kentucky Frie Chicken/Taco Bell in Echo Park. The food isn't that bad, actually; however, if you don't check what you're given, it's a god chance that the personnel got your order wrong. They'll give you dark meat when you ask for white meat, Cole slaw when you ask for mashed potatoes. The just don't care that you might be driving home and won't notice their snafu until your miles away. Seems I'm not the only one who gets treated this way. Take a look at the sign that was post outside KFCs front door. It didn't last there long befor a fresh coat of metallic grey was painted over it. In fact, the food there isn't very good after all. When
y mashed potatoes were switched for Cole slaw, I noticed that my Cole slaw was still thawing.

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