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A good book on screenwriting is called Save the cat. There's more than one volume in the series. I don't think it matters what order you read them in, and I already have a copy of one of them. Although I haven't started reading it yet because of the Stieg Larsson book that takes priority, today I was bored and forced myself to select a movie to go to. Winter's bone, but when I got to the theatre, it was too late. Tickets were sold out. Why? The answer is easy, screening rooms at the Landmark theaters have only a dozen seats. What I did see, however, was The love ranch because it was either that or waiting around for two hours for the next showing.

I still had to wait a good long time for The love ranch, but the wait would've been about 30 minutes longer than that if I had bought a ticket for I am love. It was then that I decided to get some reading done. I went into the adjacent bookstore and grabbed a copy of SAVE THE CAT: the last book on screenwriting you'll ever need and I plopped myself down on the floor to read. I almost had enough time to get thru chapter 4, but I was getting tired and the movie was about to start.

Based on a true story, The love ranch held my interest because I already knew from having seen the trailers that it was about a boxer who falls in love with a married whore house madame who is old enough to be his mother. The boxer is some fighter from Argentina named Bruza. Although I heard some grossed-out ugh sounds coming from the audience during the romantic/love scenes between Bruza and his granny gf, I think there's something to be said about his attraction to a woman who happened to be old enough to be his mother. I'm not referring to his state of mind as a prize fighter and taken his share of knocks on the head, rather the notion that he seeks genuine love and finds it in the companionship of a manager/boxer relationship.

When two people connect the way Bruza and this aging brothel madame connected, there is little anybody can do or say to knock some sense into them. I personally think it is wrong when this kind of affair pulls one person further away from their spouse, but considering Bruza's situation, one can't really blame a guy like that for behaving so irrational.

Dissatisfied with the movie just the same, I came home and put the DVD for From Paris with love for a second viewing. That's a damn good movie and it's a shame that I didn't get to see it in hi-def, at a theatre or on a blu-ray DVD player. Regular DVDs may have their special features to make up for the lack of screen luster which a blu-ray disc might offer, but there is nothing really special about the special features in this flick disc. To get an idea of what to expect in the movie From Paris with love, think of the pent-up anger inside an actor who loses his son. See John Travolta take no hostages in From Paris with love! You won't regret it.

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