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Rock 'n roll may have been invented by the King, but it's been said Heavy Metal started in L.A.

I can't express how much I feel that freedom of expression has slowly been getting stripped away. I guess I first started to feel this way when I had difficulty grooving to the tunes performed by heavy metal bands. Back in the 80's, it was all noise to me. I couldn't distinguish any pattern in melody or harmony. And the lyrics... I found it doubly hard to make sense of the words in the songs, let alone trying to decipher them without a printed lyrics sheet. But my theory is this, because who wouldn't want to be in a hard rock band after all, getting up on stage is embarrassing enough. Nobody needs critics to poke fun at a ballad that a musician painstakingly writes at gun point. Gun point by his own hand, or a bottle of sleeping pills, a wrist slicer, etc.

Because nobody needs that, I feel that thrash metal singers are successful because of their disregard of what people think. What better way to do that than to yell out their lyrics in a hoarse voice. The point is this, gosh darn it, only in a capitalistic world will such music be stricken from the public airwaves and offered thru satellite connection for money.

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