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Bier de Stone

Carl Bark's brain

25th June, 2010 – "bird_tail_salt"

When I first learned, in a cartoon, that the oldest trick in the book to catching a bird was to sprinkle salt onto its tail, I've always wanted to test that theory. Of course, when my folks one day brought parakeets home, the urge to test this theory would require that I place the bird outside of it's cage, hence risking that the bird would fly away. So, I erased this quandary from my mind. Thinking about it now, I ask myself what must've been on Carl Bark's mind to provoke such an idea in a child's mind? I mean, is it really something people use to do in medieval times, sprinkle salt onto a bird's tail, to catch an otherwise unobtainable bird? I doubt I'll ever find anything suggesting such a thing.

The only other solution is that Bark's intention was to prepare people for the information age. Don't believe everything you read (hear) especially if you saw it on the Internet.

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