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updating using DOS technology

DOS formatted disks. I'm having a hard time tapping into the wireless networks I use to see when I paid for DSL. Sometimes, when my DSL would stall, I would troubleshoot my airport software to see various different wifi services. While most of them were WEP encrypted, one or two would be public.

It seems pointless to update my blog with mundane thoughts because updates involve lugging my laptop on a should strap which wreaks havoc on my back. And it's either throwing my back out, or saving my entries on disk for upload to a computer at work. However, the only disks the PCs at work recognize are DOS formatted disks. These DOS disks take forever and a day to save things onto, no matter how small.

While I miss the luxury of surfing the web and having a real time encyclopedia readily available for the answers to my quizzical thought processes, I've been enjoying the money I'm saving from not paying the ridiculous monthly charges that ISPs seem so righteous to rob the hardworking citizen. I haven't become famous and simply forgotten about livejournal. Not having DSL has freed my time in so many ways. Although I miss it all, I'm able to watch more TV. Heh. A lot of good that does me since there isn't very much to tune it to. WTF is that show Persons unknown about? It's like a 30 minute version of Cypress Hill. Or is that a band? I don't know anymore. I don't have my live encyclopedia to do quick data checks for accuracy anymore.

In all honesty, I truly did exhaust every nuance of my web surfing ability. As they say, I've completely surfed all of the web. It's time to move on now. Everything new was only another version of something old. While I continue blogging in this new frame of mind, I'll still be uploading my original editorial cartoon inspired illustrations from time to time. I'll probably still have drinking binges here and there to inspire my more focused entries, and I'll sure as hell be keeping you up to date on the organized attempts to disassociate library systems from piracy.


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