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Ondin -- where did I see this word written before?

Isn't there something to be said for wet t-shirt contests? Movies with nude scenes can be a dime a dozen, but if the only sexual exploitation is a woman in a wet tee, then nobody has to cover the eyes of the NC17s or the PG13s in the audience. Plus, some of the model/actresses whose roles include nude scenes, although quite sexy, can seem stiff and uncomfortable, or else slutty and easy. I wouldn't recommend Ondine as a satisfying movie simply because of the badly lit scenes and the thick accents. It might be great for a couple of love birds who just want to cuddle and make out, but serious movie goers might have difficulty following the thick Scottish dialect without the assist of subtitles.

Recalling that day when, while channel surfing, I found a movie debut called "Broken English", I have patiently been channel surfing my cable networks for interesting pre-release movie debuts I could watch before consumers get a chance to take it in in theaters. Ondine was the result of this behavior, hence the luxury of subtitles. I get a kick out of watching films before the vast population so that I might have something to write about in my blog.

Unable to fully satisfy my need for a movie fix, I sat thru the IFC version of "Antichrist" only to realize that the best scenes were edited out of the director's cut. However, I did get more out of that flick the second time around. But since the porn scene and the labia incision were cut, (no pun) I also decided to watch Justin Bieber perform live in New York for Matt Lauer on the Today show. I would've given anything to have heard Justin Bieber answer some of Matt's questions by saying

I don't want to be considered just a teen fad. I want to pursue an honest music career. Do you think I should change my name? I think it sounds too pornographic.

The free concert reminded me of the Airborn Toxic Event I dubbed on TiVo from Last Call with Carson Daly last week. I listened to that a few times repeatedly. Anna bonks her head against Mikel's chest during the first stanza of the song, then again against Steven's shoulder during her violin solo. So cute.

Next day, completely fed up with the reruns on TV I took in a real movie. I mean, Ondine had a few thoughtful scenes like the stroll thru the main road by a little girl in her sparkling brand new wheelchair. It was the background music that added that extra spark of interest. Was it Deus-x-machina or all in her head? It's the type of thing that makes one remember how good life really is and count my blessings. What I disliked most about Ondine was the quick way I forget about that scene and proceeded with my obsessive nature of neurotic behavior. There is nothing in the way of fulfillment in the quintessential embodiment of "She" from TV4, from Zooey Deschannel's Hollywood Bowl concert, She: freestyle just for you, etc. I can't remember when and why that word 'ondine' seems so familiar.

When I was 9, my friends and I took an interest in the developing curves of a classmate whom one day caught our attention because of the way she emphasized her figure in her attire. At that age, I wasn't ready for experimenting with girls by playing doctor, but whenever we referred to this girl in particular, we'd use a code "the broad". This frame of mind that I remember in my youth is how I make myself cringe at the stupid ways we behaved as children. I use it to as a form of humiliation to keep myself humble, and give thanks for things. My current hobby is finding films I haven't seen yet containing best boy grip credited to people named Ezra. That should hold me off until the fall season begins.

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