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Thank god for helmets

I saw that special news segment on head injuries in Dan Rather Reports. I remember the part that explained people who sustained injuries to their head as a result of sports activities could suffer serious damage for each subsequent incident to the head however small. So yesterday I couldn’t help thinking about that after I dropped my bike in a gas station driveway in Mettler which had a pot hole the size of a man hole. My bike seems to have suffered the worse of the damage. In other words, I think I still think straight.

Let’s see. Yesterday I finally saw a really good exposure of my fav news anchor’s calf.

See, I can still recall memories, and I what I like, etc. Extensive riding plans are canceled until I take my bike in for a check up. My arm aches, my angle aches, I woke up this morning with a headache. Oh-oh. But it’s not so bad I’ve taken headache pills. Maybe I should get checked out myself.


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