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watching the disaster remakes

Yesterday was work free. I hardly slept the previous night as a result of a congested chest which I’ve been nursing all week. So, immediately after eating lunch, or rather before it, I decided to sleep all day. What better place to take a nap but at a movie adapted from a book I’ve already read. Honestly, I believe if I hadn’t read the book, I would’ve been lost. But even though I knew the outcome of the movie, as well as the results of scenes, I couldn’t help shake off the dread each new sequence of story conflict confirmed removal of hundreds of pages in the book. I guess I didn’t expect so much editing for brevity when I learned that the film was 2+ hours in length.

Oh, there’s still plenty of nudity and violence. I doubt that I’ll spend my money to see an Americanized version of this film because I know I’ll only be bitching to myself how crude the FCC sets their limits on the scenes that keep a reader stuck to the pages. One of the scenes that didn’t do half as much justice to the image I instilled from the revenge between Salander and her guardian was when the actors so carefully position themselves in relations to the camera angle so that their junk isn’t exposed. These actors have something to learn by watching the flick FORGETTING SARAH MARSHAL. Or is it Jessica Marshal? I forget. Back to point: while I don’t think this film was originally meant to be a chick flick, the full frontal nudity of a dude mugging for the camera reminds me of the baby pictures my folks took of me running around the back yard with only a t-shirt.

Being an actor must be fun, what with the occasional love making scene with leading actresses and all, but I don’t think I could ever stand in front of a camera stark naked if I didn’t at least have an erection. And erections don’t come free, I don’t care how much viagra the director promises to supply. I’ll take a concubine any day over a pill. Without straying too far, what I want to say is that a victim isn’t a victim if the camera angle doesn’t capture their genitalia. That’s why, I think, I enjoyed the film ANTICHRIST so much. That was a no holds bar film.


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