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Weekend plans

An apple a day… keeps the docked door at bayberries
Stupid, uh? yup, I know

I have not gone to see The girl with the dragon tattoo yet. What am I waiting for? I don’t know. That flick can’t possibly stay in theaters very much longer. Can it? I guess this weekend will be good since I couldn’t find anybody to come with, and use the two free tix to the rennaissance fair. People are a drag when they’re busy.

I got an e-mail about the trasure hunt contest for the millennium trilogy movie web site. I actually won. How cool is that?! Very cool. I won a movie poster, which I haven’t yet received. When I do, however, I will get it framed. I think it’s going to look nice on the wall next to the movie poster for You’re friends & neighbors. Maybe I’m waiting for my freaking poster prize to arrive before I go to see the film. Snail mail. If it’s coming all the way from Sweden, who knows when I’ll see that package. With volcanos erupting and airplanes grounded in Europe, I’ve been hearing that deliveries are backed up for weeks.

Heh-heh, I had a dream that two co-workers came out of the closet about their fling. Being hetero myself little homophobic tendencies, I just shrugged at the news. It was funny to contemplate the farce afterwards at work. Social relations have been on ice lately. Brrr. It’s not just the weather that’s been chilly.


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