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cold turkey w/o D.S.L. going on 3 weeks

9th April, 2010 © blanket sin – "churchandweb268"

I haven’t had time to stop at a café with wifi to update my blog. In case you didn*t know, at&t disconnected my DSL and now they want $150- for early contract cancelation. WTF? So that’s how conglomerates make their money.

I am meanwhile shopping around for an ISP. Any suggestions? I*m thinking of getting a USB wireless network adapter from Sprint but they cost $60/mo. and the user is limited to 50GB bandwidth. I wonder if that includes an static IP address

Until I make my choice, I’m just freeloading from the library*s wifi signal (or cafés). Because carrying my laptop to work everyday causes me serious back pain, I*m going to be updating less frequently, unless I find a sexy masseuse to cure me of my lower back pain.

I happen to be writing this entry with pen & paper. I plan to type it into my laptop when I get home.

Keeping my bills in order has turned topsy turvey. Yesterday at work I arrived just in time to see three co-workers huddled by the computer trying to figure out why the daily cash report (DCR) wasn’t balancing. I participated only to make the situation worse. I came up with a $4 overage and everyone else came up with a $8 overage. My take on the situation was that the librarian was withholding a five and replaced it with a one when the opportunity became available. I feel this way because I’m the only one at work who turned the bills right side up and facing the same direction and I*m sorry, but I find it hard to believe it was me who overlooked a five for a one. No way! I’m suspicious by nature and when my superior overheard me claim that the difference was $4, she corrected me not by saying that the total amount the DCR should be is 240.35, but by saying that the overage was for $8. There was a point when both our excel documents matched and our total came out to 244.35. Because the decision to deposit the $8 into the bank was make, the new total came out to $252.35. But I believe if I was wrong about overlooking a five for a one, my total should have been TO BE CONTINUED...

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