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Jodie Foster

      Next month I'm scheduled for jury duty. I can't wait. It will be the first time for me. Exciting!
      The last good film that I saw w/ JF was Flightplan, but she also appeared in a French film called A very long engagement. This film had subtitles, but I have reliable sources who have said that her lines, Jodie Foster's, contain no accent detectable whatsoever. So, I began to wonder whether her lines aren't indeed dubbed over by a French voice actress. In any case, the film appears to have been made in France. Last I heard there was an embargo sorta thing between the US and France. How did her most recent film find it's way to America? when À ton image, filmed in France also and containing very Americanized celebrity Nastassja Kinski, only made it as far as Mexico. It's my theory that movie stars who hold major parts in a film might get complementary copy.
      I tuned into the late show when Catherine Keener was on (either on Jay or Letterman, or both) and she mentioned that she too had juryduty during the premier of one of her new films (40 year old virgin, Capote, Friends with money, etc.)
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