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      Not to plagiarize or sound trigger happy (quoting out of context), but I'm stoked at the strides which the numeric script system, A.K.A. arabic numerals1, have made in American society. I don't mean to criticize our numbering system, but the other day I needed to call my ISP because my DSL is kaput. One of the questions the PR peeps who answer calls of inquiry there did was take it upon their discretion to infringe on my privacy rights. Why? Apparently it is protocol to verify the identity of all callers before anything remotely similar to a conversation takes place. Literally, the moment you realize a live person is on the line and you no longer are holding and/or listening to an automated answering system, the question is in the area of account number, social, name, DOB, etc.
      "I'm sorry" I say. "I don't have the number memorized. Is there some other way to verify my identity?" Hence, a new topic of conversation takes precedence. Considering that it's probably 101% of the companies doing business out here that require ID verification in this manner, and regardless whether somebody may or may not have one of those SS numbers, it seems that their whole system goes down upon learning of such news. I'm not one to suggest that I may be jeopardizing my identity upon disclosing the last few digits of an SS number, but one would think that laws protecting Californian's rights2 would have some impact on organizations privy to exploiting people3 in this manner.


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