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Not only does society harbor killers, they are in powerful positions

I have a conscience. Every time I see a tragedy playing out as breaking news on TV, I am hypnotized by the unfortunate victims. Then, after the two minutes allotted for the news segment, I continue watching as though nothing happened. Alright, while it's true that there is limited options anyone can do about the crimes committed around town, which usually have nothing to do with a person (if your lucky), but what of the criminals when they aren't yet apprehended? Amber alerts seem to be the most talked about as people wait in suspense over when and if the toddler will be found safe and sound. But again, what happens to the criminals?

I always forget about the things I hear on the news, unless it's about O.J. Simpson. What I mean is, crazy people out to claim their 15 minutes of fame by breaking the law, IMO aren't famous enough to remember their names. So, even if the police know who they are looking for, and the local news happens to release the information about the person of interest, I'm not going to remember his name, his profile, his sketch, etc. Because there are a lot of terrible things going on in and around town, I'm going to start making a list of stuff to follow up on; this article is a case in point. Cold cases on your local news channel should never be buried.»♥ >

Brother of accused LAPD detective criticizes judge for high bail

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