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Sunny days ahead

      I guess it's been quite some time since I've posted anything on here that remotely looked uplifting. Well here's the good news. It looks like I may be contracting a new client soon. I'll know for certain tonite when I meet with her. This couldn't have come at a better time. I am totally blocked. I left my notes at home and I don't know where to begin my screenplay. What inspired me a bit before leaving this morning was all the chitter-chatter going on about the murder of a Sherriff Deputy called Marie Rose. I mean, how insane is that? Yesterday I heard it was a self inflicted wound which occurred accidently when the female deputy discharged her weapon while placing it in the back of her car. Then this morning, I hear she was shot twice, two suspects are being sought by police and…
      What can be more humiliating between being a victim of foul play and having the news broadcast on the radio that a female, as in female drivers, was shot quite possibly by her own gun? It took a short while for investigators to clarify the single bullet theory. Reminds me of the magic bullet JFK ballistic report. Was this an example of the government turning a blind eye to crime?
      I enjoyed the protests these past few days involving minors, just short of the voting age, walking out of school. That's a perfect example, I guess, of government turning a blind eye. The interviews of school principals making a statement that anybody and everybody who doesn't show up at school the next day would be classified truint unless they brought a note from home. This definitely is a lesson in teaching kids forgery. Also, the trouble makers who decided to march in, of all freeways, the 110 in downtown with a patrol car escort. I swear! Everybody must be blind. Then there is the issue of police officers being reprimanded for beating a person senseless. Sometimes, if the footage from an innocent bystander is good enough, the officer is discharged. Judgements in this type of incident is probably classified under corruption, in which case, I would think that every prior conviction in which the officer took part in would be tossed out, no ifs, ands or buts. The reason this isn't an acceptable solution is because hardened criminals would would them scheme ways of catching their arresting officer in a corruption incident. But don't people wonder what happens to the stacks of money, drugs, and weapons seiged during normal sting operations? Is the money recirculated?

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