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One of the meetup groups for a MC group is shutting down

I've only really gone on a ride with members of a meetup group interested in motorcycles once. Now it seems that one of the groups is shutting itself down for reasons I can't understand. Apparently, the moderator behind the meetup "West Coast Bikers" doesn't like the way has treated him. I don't know what to make of it. I had just posted a request for info on groups planning on the Nevada State Rally and one of the members actually responded. We didn't really exchange numbers, so there's no way of getting in touch now.

What I really need to do is find a place to ride my bike as far as it will go on a single full tank to see how many miles I get. The specs at indicate my bike gets 57 hwy miles to the gallon, more than enough to cross Death Valley Road, but when I commute to work, which is a combination of hwy/street, my fuel gauge prompts me to fill up at about 57 miles.

All I can say is it would be a real pickle if I were to fill up with gas on the I15 and take 127 into Nevada and have to push the bike to Shoshone for gas.


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