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New software (open source)

I was doing a search online to see if I might be able to figure out how to embed fonts on livejournal so that people who read my blog will also see the font I am using to display it in even though they might not have that particular font downloaded in their font folder. I got bored real quick and strayed from subject to look at other results google gathered for me. One of them were various different open source applications that make writing lj entries independant of a browser. Not that my browsers have limitations for doing something as simple as writing a blog entry, but I thought “iJournal” was a cute sell where it was described as being capable of automatically detecting song title and artist. My laptop doesn’t have a fraction of songs that my desktop computer has, but a lot of the songs on the desktop computer are old. My music fanatic friend sends me a bunch of mp3 files she thinks I’ll like, but she lives in Germany and some of the stuff they listen to in that country can be totally foreign to American heavy metal, regardless of the fact that the lyrics are all in English.


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