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Staff meeting tomorrow

I'm dreading going to work tomorrow. Recent events have estranged half the co-workers from interacting with each other on a personal level and while you might think being impersonal with your co-workers shouldn't effect one's work production, it does. For instance, on Saturday I had a customer inquire about the flushing mechanism to the toilet in the public men's room. I asked whether the conditions in there were gross to the point of gagging from the smell and he explain that it appeared to be clogged with only papertowels. It's not unusual that a block head would fill the toilet with papertowels as a prank, but the dude who is inquiring about the problem offers to fix it by extracting the papertowels himself, and all he needs is a rubber glove.

I knew we had surgeons' gloves, but I could not authorize something like that so I referred him to the person in charge hoping that she might know how to dispel the query. But no, she asks me to go in there and gather information of the conditions in the men's room. I say I will but this is the most busy time of day and I'll certainly get to it before the end of the day. No. This isn't enough. I have to make an "OUT OF SERVICE" sign and post it on the bathroom door to the toilet stall effected. This I do most diligently, but as I enter the restroom, I see the dude who offered to clean it up is in there with his hands wet holding a plastic bag full of wet towels.

I tell this to the supervisor and they make a more thorough effort to get the guy to go away and get his kicks elsewhere.

At the fin of the day, I'm almost peeing my pants and just before leaving, I make the announcement that I gotta go to the restroom and that there's no need to wait for me. It so happens that all staff must leave together in group. Instead of using the staff restroom, however, I go into the public restroom as sometime I just feel the need to pee in urinal, as opposed to a toilet. So, finally I gather my things and we all exit the building. One of my co-workers tells me I'm rude to have made us wait the way I did. I'm like, WTF? For starters, I wasn't more than a few minutes. Secondly, I made an announcement where I'd be, what I'd be doing and if nobody wanted to, they didn't have to wait. "Oh, but we all wanted to wait for you." As if the people I work with wanted to say their goodbyes the way the TV show The Waltons always ended with "Goodnite John boy. Goodnite grandpa! Goodnite so-and-so" etc.

If it's not hostility within the office we're all having to deal with, it surely is tension


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