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Busy day at the office, hun?

I long to hear those words… An interesting day occurred. One of my co-workers who once told me that Ana Garcia wasn't all that hot became my worst known enemy. The idea of talking about it here makes my brain gasp in desperation for a trephine. What I mean is, I'm not one to bitch about actual hardships in my social circle.

I just want to know one thing. If I tell somebody that I'm hot for a news anchor woman, and their reply is "ooh, she's ugly" or "She's not even pretty", wtf asked you? Some of the things to have come out of that jaw flap (in jest) in the past were remarks about driving when I led on that I was in the process of buying a motorcycle. It went something like this: "Be sure to stay a fair distance away from me in the street until you get more familiar with riding your motorcycle. I don't want to crash into you." WTF, right? Do I look like I'm looking for a way out of this crummy life? There have been dozens more shiite to escape that yap which any would interpret to be awful and insensitive, but each time these swells in conversation were addressed, the accused would cop an excuse of "Golly, I was only joking"; typically followed by "neener neener neeeenerrrr" or "you can't take a joke, ha-ha". I don't see the humor in suggestions about my HOG being a result of a mid-life crisis. To me, that's the same thing as calling somebody a nerd, then saying "Gosh… just kidding" AND calling somebody devil worshiper (J.K.), a hater (J.K.), loser (J.K.), etc. Where does one draw the line, indeed, after so much verbal abuse from a character who calls you a friend. More like a frienemie.

The moment I learned that this god awful person was moonlighting as a teachers' aide, I knew. Teachers and library clerks do not mix. I cringe at the thought of coming to work because of this teacher spy, but you know how this person managed to sustain even the tiniest interest of being a work buddy? Apparently our mothers both worked at the same place when we were both struggling with puberty. I went to Belmont and this frienemie went to Hollywood High. Alas, I've seen my mistakes. It's my cue to get off the beaten path. I'm still in love with a fantasy. How could anybody not be hot for a woman who looks this good with spectacles?

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