Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Hand strokes

24th February, 2010 © blanket sin – "leftbrain010"

Ions ago, before there was an economic budget report tightening the belts for everyone at work, it was easier to buy office supplies. This quick drawing was done on a steno pad of newsprint paper. I don't know what I was thinking. Yes I do. Once in awhile, I read the editorial cartoons in the local newspaper or Times magazine (Newsweek, etc.) I'm drawn to the cartoons that simulate the illustrations from the book "Fear & loathing in Las Vegas", dark, sinister, kinda sorta like the cartoon Shoe by Chris Cassett, but more twisted. As I try to emulate this style by trying to draw something out of thin air, this is the result.

I've always been right handed, and I assure you that I can draw better Obamas and better pics and better coffee beans if I wanted to with my right hand. But what we have here is the result of trying to think of some funny anecdote that might merit comparison to Clay Jones and Mike Luckovic. Well, as you can see, even though I've spent years learning to draw with my right hand, it seems my left hand is better. I'll be uploading that picture momentarily.


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