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from channel surfing to ticketmaster

      I've gotta hand it to the guy who invented the remote. If it wasn't for channel surfing, I would miss some of the most prized shows on television that I consider four star ratings. Some might consider me fanatical when it come to recommendations of the films/shows/interviews that contain my favorite performers. I can't help it. If I think somebody is cute on screen, I don't expect that same person I saw in character will behave like that in person. I've come to terms with the contribution which writers, directors, camera operators have in portraying the ideal love interest/role model. For instance, I like Slash's look with the hair thing and cigarette. But I'm not gonna sit here and assume that his hair is like that all by itself. The dude has bucks and he can pay people to walk several steps behind him wherever he goes so that if the paparazzi show up, he can say to them, "Yeah, sure I'll give you a photo. Just give her a minute."
      I don't know if it's premonition, but I've lucked out catching Nastassja Kinski on a morning news interview on Channel 5 and I wasn't even trying (like I do now). I'll keep tabs on new films soon to be released containing such film stars as Catherine Keener and anyone who has a role opposite her so that I may be informed and ready to anticipate talk shows trying to book her, as well as magazines running a spread on her. OK, OK, I didn't know that I would enjoy Henry Rollins Uncut televised performance in NYC so much until I caught it five minutes into the show. I meant to review it, but I wasn't sure if I should bother since I usually wait for new films to come out on DVD and by then everything is old hat. After doing a quick blogsearch for topics on Hank, I came across three or four lj bloggers who've seen his act. This one is from jettdelirium who writes the show actually aired on Saturday. I saw it Sunday. dwilton writes about how short the networks butchered his act to get it compact enough for airing. His blog is called dwilton—now that I`m famous. He's right about the promoters wrongful use of the word uncut (that is if the live performance really was 2+ hours in length) but I'm ready to get tickets for whenever he brings it to L.A.
      Yes, yes, yes. People who swear a lot are lower class. Yes, yes. Yet, isn't it true that snotty, rich folk are phony? When I just listened to Henry roll on his government, his public representatives, man! I had to wonder if he wouldn't be apprehended and interrogated. Nevertheless, if one listens between the dialog (read between the lines), Henry pretty much supports his opinions, his views, with cold facts. lonita's all the Lonita that's unfit to print seems to have liked the show too. You won't find a more devoted lj-fan than kingfox who did a similar kinda search and crossed referenced his finds with hyperlinks to reviews for the Saturday broadcast on IFC.
      So, to conclude this ooze of gratuitous revelry, I'm just going to ponder what it would be like seeing his antics live. It would give me an excuse to wear my 'property of goat fucker' t. This show, however, is the mirror image that hyped such comedians as Richard Pryor in "Raw". Or was that Eddie Murphy? In any case it is a funny critique of the American life to kick off the new millenium wholeheartedly.
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