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4th February, 2010 © LA WEEKLY – "Charlotte_Gainsbourg"

Who knew that the leading female role in the film Antichrist was played by a woman who's greatest topic of interest might possibly be the hole in her head. I didn't know anything about Charlotte Gainsbourg when I went to see the film last year during the short, limited release it played in L.A. I still don't know who Charlotte Gainsbourg is, but L.A. Weekly came out with an article on her in which it describes her as a musician.

As a matter of fact, Charlotte may not be such a stranger after all. In the article by Drew Tewksbury, Charlotte is said to have worked with performer Beck Hansen (who ever that is). Could it be 'the Beck' of the LOSER fame? I like that song. Soy un perdedor. I'm a loser, baby. So why don't you kill me?

There's talk of a Beck/Gainsbourg music album—IRM. Wouldn't you know it, I missed her promo gig on the Letterman show in January—in the L.A. Weekly article Charlotte Gainsbourg's skull sessions, Jan 29–Feb 4, 2010. A bit late considering the Late Show performance was recorded on Jan. 22, but hey, this is what it is to be a head banger chick. Don't mess, right?

I really loved watching Charlotte act in Antichrist and I'm hoping to see her in a rerun of the Late Show. At the very least, I shall be committing her name to memory for when I browse the live music clubs around town and channel surf those late late shows for something to Tivo. What is it that intrigues me about Charlotte? I mean, her music doesn't seem remotely close to being heavy and dark like black metal. Well, I'm sure you may have heard at one time or another that machismo bit about skull fucking and/or penetrating every crevice on a woman's body. Welp… need I say more?

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