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(un)happy gold fish–R.I.P.

17th April, 2008 © blanket sin – "happy gold fish"

This past Sunday, the dog was barking hysterically at dawn. It being Sunday, I was too lazy to get up out of bed and check what all the commotion was about. Later that day I noticed that the small tub of water I call a pond was leveled below the rim which I thought unusual since it had rained just a couple days ago, or so. In this low temperature weather, it's unusual that so much water could evaporate so fast. I make preparations to ad some of the rain water collected in buckets around the house and suddenly notice I have no fish. It all clicks. The barking, the water level. &@$#! And I get get out of my head the way my poor goldfish must've passed his last few moments of life being eaten by a rascally critter.


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