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Sometimes when I post in a community, I lose myself in the need for information and forget to cite my entry for future reference. Then, when I receive all the feedback from helpful individuals who were able to enlighten me on the subject, I start digging thru the archive (old posts) section of my own blog thinking that I had posted the entry in my own blog (I should know by now that nobody really replies to my entries anymore, but lets keep this on the upbeat).

My neighbor handed me this dog tag. It turns out it was a metal tag for a line of womens' purses (I forget the brand name). Anyway, I was going to wear it around my neck because I thought the logo looked like the initials "ab". My name doesn't contain those initials, however, and I can only say that "ab" stands for amended bill, not that that has any relevancy here. So, I scoured around for places that had ball chain necklaces so that I could hang this dog tag from and wear it proudly. By the time I found a place, I had decided wearing a womens' purse tag might be considered lame, especially if a woman who owned a similar purse saw it and knew what it was I was wearing.

Ever since, I've been wearing a silver coated ball chain 24/7 with something else hanging from it. I thought of buying a necklace from HIM dot com or hanger3 dot com but the prices are too high. But come to think of it, I have a mess of trinkets I could hang from the end of a leather cord; so now I'm looking into places where I might find loose leather cord sold by the yard. I found this site and thought making an entry in my blog might be helpful for when I run out of the black leather cord I'm currently using for arts & crafty-like things.

I have a search robot on my profile page that is supposed to archive my blog to make keyword searching easier. I'm hoping that the keywords: necklace, dogtag, ball chain, leather cord, leather laces might be useful in finding this reference in future.


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