Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

I am Ozzy

I stood in line for an hour and sum minutes to get my copy of Ozzy Osbourne's new book autographed. I felt like a sardine. At the moment of truth, some of his assistants prepare the consumers by asking for their book and making sure that the title page is in plain view, so when I'm up next, Ozzy isn't too sure that he's signing my book because he may have been busy checking out the hot blond standing in front of me accompanying her boyfriend. Just the same, I manage to muster "Can I trouble you to personalize my copy of your book". I mean, come on, I had a whole hour to think of what I would say to Ozzy. But by then, he'd already signed my copy and he uttered something intelligible that might've been "Dude, I already signed you're copy" because another of his assistants, a long legged blond, said "No. We're not doing that."
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