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California Highway 127 - A

California Highway 127 - A

I'm putting together a list of stops where I can gas up and rest on my journal to Nevada. It isn't enough that I have to reduce my travel luggage to ten pounds, my bike only holds 3.5 gallons of gas. What that means to me is that I can't just look at a maps and hi-lite the short route to my destination. I'll be crossing the desert and there doesn't seem to be very many businesses along the highway that I might decide to take. Therefore, not only am I looking for travel blogs with interesting stops that I might want to take a picture of, I also have to make a list of gas stations making sure they're still in business when I decide to make the trip.

The link above contains similar info I'm researching before saddling up on my XL1200N. Follow-up addendum entries to this post can be viewed by clicking on the tag I've created for it: travel

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