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Bier de Stone

fist-pumping guidos and guidettes having their brains rearranged

I've never been able to get into reality shows. Obviously, some wild shit must happen in reality TV, but my attention span dwindles between exciting stuff and drama. It's like listening to KROQ for the scant heavymetal tunes they play, but having to wade thru the rap crap and pop rock. It's no wonder people develop neurotic behavior.

Bands can also be sell outs, like when you hear a rock tune being used in an automobile commercial. Isn't it hard enough shaking the trance of watching TV? Is it really necessary to hypnotize people into watching a commercial by blending the way movies use montage music mixes? Well, I found a link of a dude punching a girl in the face at what appears to be a night club. I guess worse shit happens out there, but I wouldn't know. I haven't been… since I almost puked my brains out on OJ and vodka. Plus, maybe chicks are into displays of rough love. I've heard of the trannies out there but I've never really had the pleasure to encounter one in real life. I guess if a tranny is subjected to fist pumping, it's okay, right?

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