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“Hi I'm just on my way to work. Got a work today it's a half day and I think I'm the only one who's gonna be there but I got about 5 minutes so I stopped by the side of the road just to make this entry because as you all probably have noticed I haven't been posting on my blog as often as I used to and then reason being they reason being the reason being I've been restricted from using my laptop my personal laptop at the work place that means that you know although we have internet access it were seen online surfing the web we might be reprimanded or some something like that but today's post. Today's post is concerning the birthday of Anna Garcia of TV4. I still don't know when it is. It would be nice to send a Happy Birthday card if you know because I'm sure everybody has stands but I guess she wants that to be kept secret from public. Anyway yesterday she admitted that she was a tiger according to the Chinese Zodiac and I guess myself well if that's true yeah there's no way possible that she that I that she really is the person who I thought I had met and known back in high school and that's not case so if that's not the case well then that's not the case but I couldn't help of being curious as to what year that make her born because I thought that the person I knew was a dragon and they're just tigers and dragons are 2 years apart but her being a tiger makes her 35 right now 36 35 or 36 unless she's 12 years older which would make her sleeping(?) I think 35 I want 45 45 or 46 ok but if she was born on 74 then that makes her 35 so what do the people think. Do the people think she can pass for being 35 years old? This is Anna Garcia from the 6:00 News on NBC or is she more like a 40 40 35 45 ___ does she look more like she's 47. That's the question 47 or 35? Ok. That's it.”

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