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I like this website because I'm a nerd. I just get a kick out of reading lists of information that nobody really cares about on a daily basis, but when people decide to take a vacation or move, they find themselves looking up and down on the Internet for insightful info about the places and towns they are considering visiting. This site may or may not pop up in their google results, but I know I've posted a link to it in los_angeles as a reply to one of the many queries made by out of towners interested in moving out here and finding an inexpensive place to find an apartment and/or reasonable communities within the L.A. to house hunt remotely. I forgot to save it in memories. Well, not only do I have this website in my blog now, I gave it a defining subject heading to find easily. And I'm filing this under memories.


Here's about 100 pages of boring information on Blythe, California
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